7 Essential features for a doctor appointment app

19 Nov

Doctor appointments apps are one of the prominent categories in mobile app development. That said, not all doctor appointment apps are successful. If the app isn’t effective and feature-rich, you will end up wasting all your money on futile app. This article will give show you the seven essential features that make a doctor appointment app successful and user-friendly

Patient profile

If the patient profile in a doctor appointment app is comprehensive enough, the doctors don’t need another medical chart for patients. They can simply check the patients’ profile on the app and view all the necessary information required for accurate diagnosis and treatment.

A doctor appointment app should have a simple login page for users to add their personal information conveniently. Apart from the basic user information, there should also be an option for patients to add their weight, height, blood pressure level, and other health-related information.

Doctor profile

A doctor appointment app should also have the option to create a profile for doctors. In general, the doctor profile should contain the basic information of doctors, their area of expertise in the medical field, qualifications, experience, availability, location. A doctor’s profile may also contain ratings and reviews about the quality of doctor’s services.

Easy appointment booking

The convenience of booking appointments is the quality that makes a doctor appointment app fruitful. That means, the users should be able to see the availability and timings of the doctors and book an appointment with their preferred doctors as easily as possible. A doctor booking app also should allow doctors to accept or decline appointments. 

Consult doctors online

Online consultation is one of the defining qualities of doctor appointment apps. This feature allows patients to interact with doctors without having to visit the doctors in person. By using the text and video chat features, patients can ask queries and consult doctors. They can do all of it on the app itself through live text chats and video chats. So when you approach a doctor appointment app development company, make sure to add this feature to your app.

Geo location

Geo location is a must-have feature for all doctor appointment apps. By employing the GPS of smartphones, this feature can guide the patients to their desired clinics and hospitals through the shortest route as quickly as possible. 

In-app payment options

Online payments have become a major aspect of today’s mobile app development. People find it easier to make payments online than traditional cash-based systems. The same goes for doctor appointment apps as well. In order to satisfy all kinds of users, a doctor appointment app should have multiple payment options such as credit/debit cards, mobile wallets (google pay, apple pay, amazon pay, etc), various payment gateways (PayPal, stripe, etc), and many other prominent payment options.

Instant action for emergency cases

Medical emergencies aren’t always predictable. Health issues can come up at any time without noticeable symptoms, not to mention accidents.  A doctor appointment app should have a special feature to accommodate such incidents and provide necessary services at the earliest.

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